Froggy Faces


Here’s a project that’s perfect to do with young crafters! It’s something they can do almost completely by themselves that requires little supplies; and they look just adorable when they’re finished!

The supplies you’ll need…

To make these, you will need construction paper (in any color—be creative!), google eyes, scissors, a pencil, something to color with (like crayons or markers), and glue (school glue works best for google eyes).

Now for the fun part! Start by drawing a frog head on half a piece of construction paper. (Don’t be intimidated, it won’t be that hard; basically it’s just a circle with two bumps on top for eyes.) Cut it out when you’ve finished drawing.

You will want to draw a simple tongue shape on a different piece of paper and cut that out as well.

Glueing on the eyes

Time to break out that glue! Take two google eyes and glue them onto the bumps at the top of your froggy’s head.

Next, draw a nose and a mouth, and glue on the tongue. Once you’ve done that, the rest is up to you! You can draw freckles on your frog, stripes—whatever you want! One of my sisters even made a bow for hers. 🙂

Happy frogs

Hoppy crafting! 😉

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