How to Quill Paper

Discover the joy of quilling

Several years ago, I considered learning quilling but I never really got excited about it. I didn’t think much of it until now… The inspiration has struck! 😃
A couple weeks ago, I got a book from our library that had some paper crafting ideas in it. As I flipped through it I found a few pages on paper quilling. When I saw the beauty I could create with it—I was hooked! I did a little research and watched some YouTube videos and got even more excited; it looked so easy! And it really was easy—if you’d like to learn how to do it too, then read on.😉

Quilling tools

To start quilling, all you need is a quilling tool, glue (school glue works great), and thin paper strips. A quilling tool can be super cheap; my Mom bought the set above for $5. You can purchase pre-cut paper strips for quilling, but I just used a paper shredder to make mine.

A paper shredder works well for making your own quilling strips

Let the quilling begin! Take a strip of paper and insert one end into the notch of your quilling tool. Try align the end of the strip perfectly with the metal edge, but don’t stress out about it. Start rolling the strip into a tight coil, like this:

Roll the strip into a tight coil

Once you’ve made it to the end of your strip, gently take it off the tool and hold it between your thumb and index finger. Slowly release the pressure and let it expand to the size circle that you want. Glue the coil shut by glueing the tab to the main body like so:

And you’ve done it, you made your first circle! Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, you’ll get better with practice. You may also find it helpful to watch some YouTube videos on quilling; I sometimes find it easier to learn something new when I watch someone do it.
Here is a fun thing you can do with your circle to make it a different shape! Pinch one end to make it into a flower petal:

There are lots of different shapes you can make with just one circle; experiment with pinching and squishing them!
And here’s how to make a heart. First, take a strip of paper and fold it in half:

Fold a strip in half…

Next, use your quilling tool to roll up one half of the strip until you almost get to the end, and glue it in place:

Roll up one end…

Do the same thing with the other end, glue the two coils together at the top, and voila!

Happy quilling ya’ll!😉

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