DIY Recycled Cardboard Gift Box

Why burn or throw away your cardboard boxes when you could make your very own custom gift or keepsake boxes out of them? Keep reading to find out how!

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardboard…obviously
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge or school glue
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A paintbrush
  • Heavy duty clear tape (I used packing tape)
  • Beads, stickers, or anything else you wish to decorate the box with
Can you tell it’s my favorite mug? Sorry about the chips…

Oh, and I almost forgot–you’ll also need a cup of peach tea.

Alright, take a sip of that tea and let’s get going! Grab your cardboard, then measure and cut out:

  • Two 6 in. by 4 in. pieces
  • Two 6 in. by 3 in. pieces
  • Two 4 in. by 3 in. pieces

Next, take one of the 6 by 4 pieces and lay it on the table. Then, take the two 6 by 3 pieces and put one on the top, and one on the bottom. Put the two 4 by 3 in. ones on the sides…and finally the last 6 by 4 in. piece on top of one the 6 by 3 in. pieces. It’s kinda hard to put it all into words…the picture above will probably be of more help than my jabbering, LOL.

Now tape all the pieces together!

OK, so at this point your box is not looking much like a box yet… But wait! There’s more! πŸ˜€ Take a piece of tape and fasten half of it to one side of a section…

Bend the tape over a bit…

Then flip another section up and stick it to the tape. Again, the pictures will probably be a lot more helpful than my words. πŸ˜‰

Repeat this step with all the sides, leaving only the lid free to move.

Alright, so your box looks like a box now…but it’s not very pretty. Let’s change that! Grab your scrapbook paper, then measure and cut out:

  • Two 7 in. by 4 in. pieces
  • Two 5 in. by 4 in. pieces
  • One 7 in. by 4 1/2 in. pieces

If you don’t have paper that big, you can always piece sheets together. πŸ™‚ That’s what I had to do for the lid and the back of my box.

Take one of your 5 by 4 papers and paint the back with Mod Podge or glue.

Center the piece over a short side of your box…

And fold the edges down. If you fold the corners like the picture above, it’ll help your paper not wrinkle up funny. Also, the top fold of your paper will probably be in the way of the lid…I solved this by just snipping a little corner off as seen below:

Repeat this step to paper the other short side of the box.

Now you’ll want to take your 7 by 4 papers and glue them onto the front and back of your box. The process will be the same as for the short sides.

Finally, it’s time for the lid! Smear some glue on the back of that 7 by 4 1/2 piece. Now with this paper, we don’t want to fold it over the hinge; so we’ll just make it line up with the back of the lid, and fold the excess over the free side instead. (Hopefully the picture will help you make sense of my gibberish. πŸ™‚ )

This is the last structural step–I promise! Take a thin strip of tape and stick it across the outside of your hinge to strengthen it.

Glue some beads on, maybe write an inspiring message on it… no boundaries here!

And you’ve done it! Put something special inside of it to give to a friend, keep your jewelry in–there’s no end to the use of a box. And don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. Mine honestly doesn’t either; you just can’t tell that from the pictures, LOL! πŸ˜€

Good luck, and happy crafting! πŸ˜‰

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