Saving Corn Seeds

This year we didn’t have much luck with growing corn. For one, our crop was attacked by a ferocious group of earworms. Also, we didn’t even know when the variety we were growing should be picked, and by the time I found out—it was too late. But not next year! That’s the beauty of mistakes: you don’t have to make them again! 😉

Despite our corn struggles, we were still blessed to be able to collect seeds from our crop. It was ridiculously easy; read on to find out how!

Impending doom…

To start, wait to pick your corn until the kernels feel like little rocks. Once you think they’re ready, pick the cobs and hang them in a somewhat cool, shady place that gets plenty of airflow. (I hung my cobs on our shaded front porch—they made beautiful natural decor!)
Let the cobs hang there for about 3 weeks; then pick off a kernel and smash it with a hammer.

It’s ready!

If the kernel mashes when tapped with the hammer, it’s not quite dry enough yet. If it shatters as pictured above, you’re ready to harvest those seeds!

Grab a little brother or two to help 🙂 and wring the cobs in your hands like a washcloth to get the seeds off. (If the kernels come off fairly easily, that is another sign your seeds are ready to be harvested.)

Pour your precious gems into a clean jar…

And you’re finished, my friend! Enjoy planting your seeds next year! 🙂

Note: As far as I know, seeds can only be saved from heirloom varieties; hybrids will not produce viable seeds.

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