Freezing Tomatoes—the Insanely Easy Way

Last weekend, we found ourselves with too many tomatoes from our garden to use fresh. (A common situation gardeners find themselves in, I’m sure.) We didn’t have time to devote to canning them, so we opted to freeze them instead. I began preparing for our original tomato freezing procedure: which consisted of blanching them, dicing them up, and throwing them in freezer bags. But my mom made a discovery online a few minutes later—you can freeze tomatoes whole, without even blanching them! It was too good to be true!

To begin, de-stem and wash your tomatoes. Next, place them on a baking sheet (or a plate—just something flat). 🙂 If you’re wondering what’s up with the green ones, we found out that you can use green tomatoes just the same as red ones when cooking!

It’s cold in here!

Pop those little rubies in the freezer for about 6 hr. (basically you’re just waiting for them to freeze all the way through)…

A job well done!

Dump them in a freezer bag, label with the date, and that’s it! Insanely easy, no? 😉

Now as far as how to use these little guys; you can use them in the place of whole or even diced tomatoes in any cooked recipe (like chili), you’ll just have to pick the skin out later if you don’t care for it. But my mom read you can also get the skin off by running the frozen tomato under warm water for a minute or so.
We haven’t actually used any of our frozen tomatoes yet, so don’t take my word on this, but I think you could probably just throw the whole tomato into your dish frozen; it might just take a bit longer to cook. If you want to use one in the place of diced tomatoes, you can chop it up ahead of time, or you can probably just break it up with a metal spoon once it’s thawed in the dish—whatever works. 😁

Hope this helps make your life easier! 😉

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